Student Welfare

The Student Welfare Officer is her to help and support you throughout your studies, by providing all aspects of pastoral care. Contact Reception to setup an appointment or email reception

We know that at times it can be difficult settling onto a new course, not knowing where to go or who to ask. Our tailored and flexible support services can help make your transition into higher education easier, such as matching you with a Peer Mentor.

Disability and Wellbeing Support

We provide an inclusive environment and navigate any barriers to learning from medical and wellbeing issues. Our specialist staff are here to advise and support to ensure you get the help you need.

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IBCM is committed to ensuring that all our students are healthy and happy in their life and studies. As such, we would like to introduce Togetherall. A safe community to support your mental health, 24/7.

  • Connect with others experiencing similar feelings
  • Feel safe, trained professionals are on hand, 24/7
  • Stay anonymous, we protect everyone’s identity within the community
  • Get results, research shows that our tools, courses and resources help 

For any help or assistance regarding welbeing issues, please contact studentcare@ibc-manchester.com or speak to reception. 

For emergency issues contact emergency helpline 07881028058.