Useful Documents

IBCM Admissions appeals Policy and Procedures v 2.0

IBCM Recognition of Prior Learning Policy v2.0

IBCM Assessment and Verification Policy v5.0

IBCM Organogram March 2018 v3.0

IBCM Statement of Educational Purpose v1.0

IBCM Student Handbook August 2018

IBCM Writing a Personal Statement v1.0

IBCM Enrolment Process for Overseas Learners

IBCM Equal Opportunities Statement v2.0

 IBCM Student Complaint Form v1.0

IBCM Complaints Policy V2.0

IBCM Student recruitment Policy v 2.0

IBCM Appeals Policy and Procedures v2.0

IBCM Data Protection Policy Issue v4.0

IBCM Student Welfare Policy v2.0

IBCM Student Misconduct v2.0

IBCM Policy on provision for students with disabilities v 2.0 (Jan 2017)

IBCM Malpractice Statement v2.0 Jan 2018

IBCM statement on the procedures in the event of approval being withdrawn v1.0 August 2017

IBCM Policy statement on the enhancement of student learning opportunities v 1.0 Jan 2018

IBCM Assignment Submission Procedure v2.1

IBCM Plagiarism Policy v3.2 feb 2018

IBCM Learning & Teaching Policy v2.0 March 2018

IBCM Examinations and external assessment Policy v 2.0 March 2018

IBCM Public Information Policy v 2.0 July 2018

IBCM Access to Fair Assessment Statement v 2.0 Jan 2018

IBCM Quality Assurance and Improvement Policy v 3.0 March 2018

Student Survey v3 March 2018

IBCM Initial Assessment Policy v2.0 March 2018

IBCM Attendance Policy v2.0 March 2018

IBCM Student Handbook revised August 2018

IBCM Application form September 2018

IBCM Student Protection Risk Register

Student Protection Plan v1.0 October 2018

IBCM Price List 2019