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Terms and Conditions v 5.0 March 2021

Admissions Policy

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Student Charter

Policy on reasonable adjustments

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Learning and Teaching Strategy

Assessment Appeals policy and procedures

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Equal Opportunity Policy

Attendance Policy

Strategy in respect of Covid-19

IBCM Application form January 2020

IBCM Student Handbook 2021

IBCM Student Feedback and Complaints Policy and procedures

IBCM Recognition of Prior Learning Policy v3.0 October 2018

IBCM Organogram v4.0 October 2018

IBCM Writing a Personal Statement v2.0 October 2018

IBCM Data Protection Policy Issue v4.0

IBCM Assignment Submission Procedure (Pearson) v4.0 August 2019

IBCM Public Information Policy v3.0 August 2019

Student Survey v4.0 August 2019

Enquiry Process flowchart v2.1 March 2021

IBCM Student Protection Risk Register v2.0 March 2021

Extenuating Circumstances Policy v1.0 March 2021

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IBCM Governance Handbook v1.4