Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

College life can be fun, hard-work, exhilarating and sometimes it is great to have some time off during your studies to catch your breath and recharge those batteries.

There are a number of holidays throughout term time, which you will find listed below.

Business School Calendar

Spring Term

  • Start Monday 4th January 2021
  • Finishes Thursday 1st April 2021

Summer Term

  • Starts Monday 12th April 2021
  • Finishes Friday 23 July 2021*

Autumn Term

  • Starts Monday 13 September 2021
  • Finishes Friday 17 December 2021

* Summer school for revision lessons and exam preparation will take place during August 2021

Public Holidays:

1st January 21 New Years Day
2nd April 21 Good Friday
5th April 21 Easter Monday
3rd May 21 Early May Bank Holiday
31st May 21 Spring Bank Holiday
30th August 21 Summer Bank Holiday
27th December 2021 Christmas Bank Holiday
28th December 2021 Boxing Day