Careers & Employability


IBCM offers extracurricular activities to help prepare you for life after graduation.  We not only offers a range of employment support, helping you with job applications and CVs, but also explore what success means to you; whether that’s postgraduate study, employment, self-employment or entrepreneurship.

Our Careers & Employability  service  is designed to provide you with the tools you need to explore your career options, understand the skills you need; and focus on taking the steps necessary to achieve your career goals.  

The Careers & Employability service helps you to:

  • Explore Your Career options 

This aims to help you identify which occupations or sectors interest you, and the experience, skills and attributes employers look for. 

  • Explore Further Study Options

This aims to help you identify opportunities for further study and skills development. 

  • Build skills and Experience 

This aims to assist you to build work experience and activities on your CV, develop skills that make you more employable; skills such as collaboration, creativity, professionalism, self-motivation, and self-awareness. 

  • Prepare For Applications And Interviews

Assist you to get ready to apply for your target jobs and make sure you can articulate your skills and experience to potential employers, so you can stand out from other candidates.

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