Access and Participation Statement

Access and Participation Statement

(February 2023)


The International Business College Manchester is an independent Higher Education Provider situated in Manchester City Centre. The college has a firm commitment to attracting and supporting students from all backgrounds in their achievement of foundation and higher education qualifications at the college. The college strives to ensure that all its education provision is of the highest quality and that all those involved in delivery are equally committed. The college uses the Quality Code and Framework for Higher Education Qualifications as reference points in the design of policies & procedures throughout the delivery of programmes. IBCM appreciates that each student is an individual with different academic potential and personal circumstances. We firmly believe these should not be obstacles to successful completion of qualifications.

Our overall ambition is to be recognised as the best business school in the North of England by our students and overseas partners through a commitment to providing high quality teaching and providing high quality care at all times.

We are committed to achieving equality of opportunity for all those who study and work at the school and will ensure to the best of our ability that neither students nor staff are discriminated against (directly or indirectly) or face any harassment or victimisation in relation to any of the 9 protected characteristics.

We will treat all school users with respect and dignity. We will seek to make any reasonable adjustments to our premises to ensure access for people with disabilities and we will not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind towards either students or staff members.

We have several policies and procedures in place to ensure this commitment is put into practice (see below) Our Welfare Provision for Students with disabilities includes reasonable adjustments and special consideration. We aim to maintain and drive a positive culture towards inclusion of people with disabilities in all the activities within the school.


Our priorities

Promoting the benefits of higher education and continuing lifelong learning for the communities we serve, both here in the UK and overseas, and removing potential barriers to access. This we will achieve by providing fair access to programmes and services offered by us through easily accessible information and professional support.

Commitment to accepting, enrolling and retaining students from all backgrounds, ages, disabilities and ethnicities in a transparent and fair recruitment process.

Embracing and celebrating the diversity of the student body and the range of experiences and perspectives they bring.

Providing supportive and inclusive teaching and learning, through small class sizes allowing more individual attention and a friendly learning environment enabling students to thrive and achieve no matter their background, age or ethnicity.

Commitment to providing support services to enable learners to maximise their time with the college and achieve successful outcomes. Provision of pastoral, tutorial and academic support that encompasses extra study skills and employability programmes to support social mobility of learners.

The following policy and procedure documents support the information in this policy:

  • Admissions Policy
  • RPL Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Policy on Reasonable Adjustments

These policies and procedures can be found at IBCM Policies & procedures. (https://www.ibc-manchester/key-information/#Policies-Procedures )

In addition, information relating to Disability support can be found at:


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Debby Dawson

Effective from

01 February 2023

Approved by

IBCM Board of Governors

Date Approved

31 January 2023